The line of Gorhams originating in Virginia begins with Miles Gorham, who first appears in Northampton County, Virginia in 1660.  His line to three generations is covered here in some detail.   A great-grandson, Thomas Gorham, migrated to Kentucky about 1787 where he established a large Gorham population which is also treated here in some detail.

My own connection is through one of Thomas Gorham’s granddaughters, Permelia, who married William Traughber in 1822.

Although this is a relatively minor family in my own genealogy, it is yet another family that captured my interest because no published genealogy seems to exist (or at least, none that are thoroughly researched).

The First Few Generations:

  • Miles Gorham (? – 1693)  — the original immigrant to Virginia in the 1650s.
  • John Gorham I (c1662? –c1700) — the second generation
  • John Gorham II (c1683 – 1769) — the only son of John Gorham I
  • Thomas Gorham (c1735 – 1814)  —  a son of John Gorham II, the progenitor of most Gorham families of Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • William Gorham (c1775 – 1837) — more details for the family of a son of Thomas Gorham whose daughter is my great-great-great-grandmother and my nearest Gorham connection.
    • William B. Gorham (c1785 – 16 May 1851) — a separate biography of a grandson of Thomas Gorham, son of John Gorham and nephew of the William Gorham above, who is connected by marriage to my Traughber line.

The Gorham Chronicles: Gorham Citations In Virginia:

The Gorham Chronicles: Gorham Citations in Kentucky and Tennessee:

 Some Miscellaneous Gorham Files:

  • The Gorham-Vandiver Connection:  Exploring the implications of Sanford Gorham’s will and the identities of his wife and daughter Sarah Vandiver.