More than 30 years ago, when doing research for my book on the Bynum family, I collected what I think is a nearly complete set of records for the Mizells  of early Surry County, Virginia.  At the time, it seemed possible that James Bynum’s wife Elizabeth may have been a daughter of either Luke Mizell Sr. or Luke Mizell Jr.  Indeed, many family genealogies made that claim.  In an effort to identify the evidence, I collected a great many records.  I reached the conclusion that no evidence exists and so it is unlikely that I am personally related to this family.   Having collected the records, though, it makes sense to make them available to others who are descended from these people.  See also the Bynum pages for additional details of that family.

  • Mizell Records in Surry County, Virginia  is a nearly complete set of chronologically arranged Mizell records from Surry County, with comments.   This is a fairly large file, about 23 pages when printed.

Addressing some family legends

There are at least four family legends that the above records can help us to investigate.  One is  likely to be true and the other three are clearly false.