Nancy Cheatham, daughter of Littleberry Cheatham, was my father’s great-great-great-grandmother.  Her daughter Mary was the wife of Burrell Young Hooper and the mother of Emma Hooper who married Rev. Nicholas Anthony.

The first three generations of my branch of this family were included in a multi-part article entitled “The Cheatham Family of Colonial Virginia” by Alberta Marjorie Dennstedt that was published in The Virginia Genealogist, Volumes 27 (1983) through 30 (1986).  I always prefer to do my own original research and draw my own conclusions — and, as Ms. Dennstedt herself pointed out with a great deal of modesty, her article was intended as “only a guide for further investigation.”  Using Ms. Dennstedt’s excellent work as a guide, I explored the same ground for the first three generations of my Cheatham lineage.  The pages below include some additional observations and records relating to my particular line of Cheathams.