There are many legends surrounding this family, most of them not true. Of the families I’ve worked with, none are subject to so many faulty legends, erroneous “facts”, and misleading published genealogies as the WItts. This is also a family which, unfortunately for genealogists, lived its first few generations in localities with significant record losses.

The papers below were originally written between 1975 and 1999 and originally published in 1999 in the original Bob’s Genealogy Filing Cabinet website.

The Early Generations

Some background on the Daux family:

Descendants of Charles Witt of Halifax County, Virginia

Witts of Titus and Morris Counties, Texas

One son of Nathaniel Witt moved to Titus County, Texas in 1846.  I am descended from two of his sons — one is a great-great-grandfather on my mother’s side and the other is a great-great-great-grandfather on my father’s side.

      • William M. Witt (c1820-1871) — a son of Nathaniel Witt, who moved to Titus County, Texas before 1850 and established the Witt family there.
      • James Houston Witt (1845-1899) — my great-great grandfather, a son of William M. Witt, and his family.
      • George Washington Witt (1853-1943) — my great-great grandfather, another son of William M. Witt, and his family
      • Andrew William Witt (1874-1965) — my maternal great grandfather,a son of George Washington Witt, and his family