Stewart (VA, TN, AL, TX)

I have two apparently unrelated Stewart lines in my ancestry.   Both my mother and my father had grandmothers named Stewart — both of whom had died by the time my parents were born.  This page contains links to research papers on my maternal Stewarts.  Go here for papers on my paternal Stewarts and related families.


Maternal Stewarts of Tennessee and Alabama

My mother’s paternal grandmother was Julia Ann Ellen Stewart, daughter of Walker Stewart of DeKalb County, Alabama.  I can trace this family back a generation or two, although the connection to James Stewart is less than ironclad, but I have been unable to connect James Stewart to any of the numerous Stewart families of 18th century Virginia.

Setting the Record Straight on Major Robert Stewart — an officer of the Virginia Regiment in the French & Indian War and friend of George Washington who is widely but erroneously thought to have been an uncle or other relative of James Stewart.   See also “The Case of Lt. Col. Robert Stewart” for proof that he was alive long after James Stewart sold land as heir of Robert Stewart.

In search of Dorcas Shaw — who was called “cousin” in the will of one of James Stewart’s sons.

The Robert Stewart Family Bible — a Bible record kept by Robert Stewart’s widow and their son Walker Stewart.

The John Stewart Family Bible — a Bible record kept by Robert Stewart’s son John Stewart.

In search of Sarah Spears — the mysterious wife of Walker Stewart

The King Family Murders — an 1888 case in which James R. King and my great-grandmother’s sister Margaret Stewart and their children were murdered.


Paternal Stewarts of Ohio and Texas

My paternal Stewart lineage is treated in a separate section.