This is quite a rare surname, at least in American colonial and 19th century records.   The name evidently originated in the Palatinate municipality of Trarbach on the east bank of the Moselle River, about five miles from the place Michael Trarbach was christened in the year 1700.  In modern Germany it is combined with a town on the opposite river bank to form the town of Traben-Trarbach.   The name was spelled in an amazing variety of ways in America but my particular branch of the family, which migrated into Virginia and Kentucky, styled themselves “Traughber” and phonetic equivalents.

The First Traughbers Arrive in 1751

My Traughber Genealogy

Two Traughber Chancery Cases

  • A Trobough Scandal: Cook vs. Cook – a chancery case in Augusta County, Virginia involving an illegitimate son of Nicholas Trobough by a woman named Elizabeth Rine who was raised by her husband Jacob Cook.  Nicholas Trobough’s brothers William and Michael Trobough figured in the case, which also includes depositions taken in 1820 from (a different) Michael Traughber and John Widick in Robertson County, Tennessee.
  • Jacob Troarbaugh vs. William Troarbaugh & Nicholas Troarbaugh – an 1807 court case with a number of depositions that clarified the children of the immigrant Michael Trarbach and of his eldest son Adam Troarbaugh.   The will of Adam Troarbaugh is included in this file, as are a number of York County court and guardianship records.

Traughber Record Abstracts