This line begins with Zacharias Barth (sometimes Bard) who was apparently in Maryland by the1740s but who established himself in Frederick (later Shenandoah) County, Virginia by 1770. His children used the surname “Beard” and, in the third generation of my branch of the family, it became “Baird”.  My great-great-grandfather George Washington Baird migrated from Robertson County, Tennessee, to Dallas County, Texas in 1849. His descendants remained there for more than 100 years.

Eight Generations


A collection of photographs of Bob’s parents and grandparents

Some Miscellaneous Baird Files

Letters Written to and from George Washington Baird & Family

  • Baird Letters 1 – Two 1847 letters from an unlucky suitor to the future Mrs. Baird.
  • Baird Letters 2 – An 1848 exchange of letters between George W. Baird and his new wife.
  • Baird Letters 3 – Two letters from George Baird’s Ferguson aunts in 1849 and 1854 containing priceless genealogical information.
  • Baird Letters 4 – Two letters written to George Baird during and after the Civil War
  • Baird Letters 5 – Eight letters written 1875-1884 to Mary Baird and her sons after George’s death.