Sorting Out Some Hayes Families of Southside Virginia & Early North Carolina

In an effort to identify the ancestry of my great-great-great-great-grandfather Solomon Hayes (1792-1859) I collected a very large number of 18th century Hayes-related records in parts of Southside Virginia and several North Carolina counties.  These records both support and contradict portions of the genealogies I’ve found posted online and in print.

I generally avoid looking at family histories and gedcoms (which are notoriously inaccurate) until I’ve formed my own conclusions from the raw information.  I welcome additional information or corrections from readers — use the “contact” link above.

18th Century Hayes Records in Virginia & North Carolina

These are predominantly my own abstracts drawn from reading the original records.  And they are the records on which the genealogies outlined in the papers below are based.

Northampton County records are split into two parts both because there were two apparently unrelated groups of persons named Hayes/Hays living there, and to keep the webpage sizes below 30 printed pages.  Granville County is also split into two parts to reduce file size.

  1. A. E. Hayes, “Hayes-Hays of Virginia & North Carolina”, Historical Southern Families, Vol. 15 (1971), pages 167-189 []