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My ancestor John Munday (c1770-1833) married Mary Hulse in Franklin County, Kentucky in 1799. They were the parents of Rachel Munday who married John Anderson, one of my g-g-g-g-grandfathers. All I knew of his background is that his children identified his birthplace as Virginia in the 1880 census.

Kentucky records seemed to offer no helpful clues to the lineage of John Munday, beyond the proximity to two Mundays who appeared to have come from Caroline County, Virginia.  In an attempt to identify his parents and ancestors I started collecting records of Mundays. I’ve found that brick walls can often be scaled by backing up a few generations to a likely forefather and working “top down”.

I began by compiling a list of potential Munday immigrants to Virginia.  That led me to look closely at the genealogy of Thomas Monday who first appeared in 1669 in Old Rappahannock County, Virginia.  I collected records in an attempt to work “down” through his male descendants in the hope of uncovering a link to my John Munday.

Munday Records Collections (with explanatory comments)

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Correcting some Faulty Legends

John Munday & Kentucky Records