Bob's Filing CabinetWelcome to the third version of Bob’s Genealogy Filing Cabinet.   This is a repository for a number of family genealogies, as well as articles about a variety of topics of interest to family genealogists.   The Family Files listed on the right include research papers for individuals and families with origins in the southern colonies and states.   The Articles  section includes a number of short papers that may be helpful to genealogists researching the American South.

I have been helped enormously over the years by many gracious researchers who shared their thoughts and information with me, so it only seems fair to do the same myself.  Feel free to use whatever you find for your personal genealogy efforts.  However, please do not re-publish anything you find here without permission.  Please see “About” in the menu for more information.

Researching the American Colonies or Southern States?

Visit the Articles Page for links to a variety of articles intended to help genealogists interpret old records, especially from Virginia and the southern Colonies.   Some of the topics covered include:

  • Old Legal Terminology & Archaic Words
  • Legal Age
  • Headrights
  • Inheritance & Succession
  • Dower & Curtesy
  • Tithables & Taxes
  • Women’s Rights
  • Orphans & Guardians
  • Primogeniture & Entail
  • Types of Deeds
  • Divorce & Adoption
  • Types of Courts
  • Processioning
  • Names & Spelling

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