Scarborough Family of Surry County, Virginia

My interest in this family began as a research project to try to identify the ancestry of a mysterious Frances Scarborough who was named a granddaughter in the will of Peter Cannon.

Some Scarborough Mysteries:

Was William Scarborough of Surry County related to the Edmond Scarborough family of Accomack County?

There is zero evidence of any familial relationship.  This legend seems to be based entirely on a single line in a 1911 history of Accomack County, Virginia that included no supporting evidence: “Charles Scarburgh, son of the noted royalist partisan, joined Bacon, as did his cousin William Scarburgh…1  Beyond sharing the surname, these Scarboroughs seem to have nothing in common.

Was the lineage in Southern Kith and Kin correct?

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Note: The numbering system used in the Scarborough paper is an experiment for this website.  Owing to the difficulties of managing multi-level outline numbering in WordPress, I am experimenting with the Henry System of numbering. It is similar to the d’Aboville System I use elsewhere except that there are no periods to separate the generations.

Modified Henry Numbering	
1. Child
   11. Grandchild	
       111. Great-grandchild		
            1111. Great-great-grandchild  
            1112. Great-great-grandchild   
       112. Great-grandchild	
   12. Grandchild		
       121. Great-grandchild		
            1211. Great-great-grandchild  
            1212. Great-great-grandchild
2. Child
   21. Grandchild	
       211. Great-grandchild		
            2111. Great-great-grandchild  
  1. Jennings Cropper Wise, Ye Kingdom Of Accawmacke: Or The Eastern Shore Of Virginia In The Seventeenth Century (1911), page 200. []