Some Munday Records in Kentucky

27 March 1784
Survey: Samuel Woods, Survey No. 4503 for 3,765 acres in Nelson County on Benson, Hammon & Indian Creeks. [Original Survey Vol. 20, p526; Virginia Land Office Grants Book 14, pp26.]

This was not actually granted until 5 June 1800. Both Reuben Munday and James Munday would purchase part of this grant when it lay in Franklin County.

Petition to divide Lincoln County into three counties, Lincoln, Mercer, and Madison: Signed by  231 men, including Edward (sic) Munday.  [ Mrs. James Caperton & Katherine Phelps, “A Partial List of Those at Fort Boonesborough”, Register of Kentucky State Historical Society, Vol. 23, No. 68 (May, 1925), p157.]

5 December 1788
Land Grant: James Munday, 800 acres “…by virtue and in consideration of a Treasury Warrant Number 2788 also by virtue of a Military Warrant under the King of Great Britain Proclamation of 1763 Number 316, both issued the 21st day of February 1783, is grated by said Commonwealth unto James Munday a. certain tract or parcel of land containing 800 acres by survey bearing date the 16th day of November 1785 lying and being in the County of Nelson on the Rolling Fork of Salt River adjoining Terrel and Hawkins preemptions, assignee of Jonathan  Ingram and bounded as follows…” beginning at the Southwest corner hickory and beech thence N30W 288p to a white oak and chestnut oak in Hawkins & Terrel’s line crossing the creek at 208p, thence S60W 320p to two chestnut oaks, thence S30E 400p to sugar tree & dogwood crossing the creek at 188p, thence N60E 320p to dogwood, sugar tree and ash, thence N30W 112p to beginning.  [Virginia Land Office Grants Book 18, p699.]

5 December 1788
Land Grant: Edmund Munday 600 acres Nelson County on the Rolling fork of Salt River adjoining a survey of James Munday on the lower side… crossing the river… [Virginia Land Office Grant Book 18, p696.]

5 January 1789
Land Grant: James Samuel, 950 acres on Rolling Fork of Salt River adjoining a survey of Edmund Munday on the lower side… [Virginia Land Office Grants Book 19, p184.]

Tax List Mercer County — no Munday’s

This is a three-page tax list for 1789. Whether it is complete or not I do not know.

Tax Lists of Mercer County are missing

Tax List, Mercer County, District of Gabriel Slaughter:
Edm’d Munday — 1 male>21, 1 male 16-21, 6 blacks, 9 horses, 26 cattle + 210 acres and 600 acres in Washington County.
James Munday — 800 acres in Washington County (rest blank)

7 December 1794
Franklin County formed from parts of Woodford, Mercer and Shelby counties.

Tax List, Mercer County, “A list of lands taken by Gabriel Slaughter for the year 1795”
Edmund Monday – 200 acres
James Monday “by James Munday Junr. agent” – 800 acres Washington Co. on R. Fork
Personal Property, Gabriel Slaughter district:
Emond(sic) Munday – 1 male>21, 1 male 16-21, 6 blacks, 12 horses, 24 cattle

Did not see James Munday in these tax lists, although some are damaged

Tax Lists, Franklin County:  no Munday

Tax List: Mercer County, List of Gabriel Slaughter
Edmund Munday — 210 acres + 500(?) acres Rolling Fork Washington Co. + 500 acres Rasbon(?) Creek, Lincoln Co. patented by Robert Ragen, 1 white male >21, 1 male 16-21, 8 blacks, 9 horses, 24 cattle.
Harrison Munday — (no land) 1 male >21, 1 horse

21 January 1797
Marriage Bond: Scott Brown and Charles Brown bond for marriage of Scotte(sic) Brown and Lucy Munday.  {Addendum: “I do hereby certify that the above named Lucy Munday is twenty one years of age… Charles Brown). [Mercer County Marriage Bonds]

Edmund Munday’s will of 1800 left a legacy to his. daughter Lucy Brown and made her husband one of he executors.  A biography of her son General Scott Brown states that Scott Brown and Lucy Munday were both natives of Virginia 

Tax List: Mercer County
Edmund Munday — 210 acres + 600 acres Washington Co.,1 male>21, 1 male 16-21, 5 blacks, 8 horses
Henry Munday — 1 male>21, 2 blacks, 3 horses
James Munday — 800acres Washington Co., 2 males>21, 3 blacks,  3 horses
James Munday Jr. — 415 acres Franklin Co., 1 male>21, 1 black, 2 horses
Reuben Munday — 485 acres Franklin Co., 1 male>21

Where has the James Munday family been prior to 1797?  Note that this tax list may be incomplete.

23 January 1798
Marriage Bond: Harry Munday & Sam’l Woods bond for marriage of Harry Munday & Nancy Woods [Mercer County Marriage Bonds]

15 June 1799
Marriage Bond: Reuben Munday and John Mitchell bond for marriage of Reuben Munday and Ann Ashford “of this county.”  Permission on same date:  “For you would grant licents to the bearer Reuben Munday to marry Ann Ashford of the County of Woodford and Oblige. Yours [signed] John Ashford” [addressed to Mr. Johnston, Clerk] Test. John Mitchell, William Ashford. [Woodford County Loose Marriage Bonds]

Note that Reuben Munday was living in Franklin County but his wife lived in Woodford County.

8 July 1799
Marriage Bond: John Munday and Thomas Glass bond for marriage of John Munday and Mary Hulse “of this county.” Both signed.  Permission attached: John Munday has my consent to obtaining what may be nes_____ from the clerks office to be bound in marrig to my daughter Mary Hulse. Signed: James Hulse 8 July 1799. [Franklin County Loose Marriage Bonds.]

Notice that John Munday may not have lived in Franklin County  His identity is a mystery, as he was not a heir of either Edmund Munday or James Munday..

Franklin County tax lists are missing

19 January 1801
Marriage: James Samuel & Sally Munday [Mercer County Marriage Register 1, p146.]
Permission: This is to otherise you to issue lisens for James Samuel & Sally Munday to be married as witnes my hand & seal this 19 January 1810 (sic, read 1801 ) Rutha Slaughter. Test: Robert Slaughter, Edmund Slaughter. [Mercer County Loose Marriage Bonds]

29 April 1801
Marriage Bond:  Thomas Monday & Archibald Gordon bond for marriage of Thomas & Susan Slaughter. Signed: Tho. (his mark) Monday.  Permission: “This is to sirtyfy that I am willin for Thomas Monday and my daughter Susanah to be joind in wedlock given under my hand this 29th day of April 1801(signed) Robt. Slaughter. Test. Archibald Gordon, Charles Slaughter. [Mercer County Marriage Bonds]

30 March 1801
Marriage Bond: Stephen Monday & Cornelius Darnaby bond for marriage of Stephen Monday and Susanna Darnaby.  Signed as “Munday”.  Permission dated 30 March:  “This is to certify that Steaven (sic) Munday has liberty to get licens to marry Susanner Darnaby as witness my hand this 30th day of March 1801 [signed] Edward Darnaby, [witness] Joseph Thomas, Cornelius Darnaby.  [Mercer County Loose Marriage Bonds]

25 August 1801
Tax List, Franklin County (listed consecutively, all with one white poll):
Reuben Munday — 412 acres Ham’s Creek patented by S. Woods
James Munday — 496 acres Ham’s Creek patented by Sam’l Woods +2 blacks + 2 horses
Stephen Munday (no land) + 1 horse
James Munday Sn’r – 800 acres Rolling Fork patented by James Munday Sr. + 2 blacks + 3 horses
[Franklin County Tax Records, LDS Film 007834432]

“Ham’s Creek” was an abbreviation for Hammonds Creek, which is now in Anderson County just west of Frankfort.

August 1801
Inventory: Estate of Edmund Munday presented at August Court.  The estate included seven slaves, 5 horses, 16 cattle, other livestock and household goods.  Many possessions were not itemized, rather the inventory lists categories like “the plantation utensils”, “kitchen furniture”, and “stock of hogs”.  Interestingly, it listed five beds and ten chairs, which are typical of large families.  Appraisers were Edward Darnaby, Samuel Darnaby, and Joseph Thomas. [Mercer County Will Book 2, pp256.]

25 August 1801
James Munday [“Stephen” crossed out and “James” inserted] credited with tax on “one black boy which he is overcharged – the year 1800” [Franklin County Order Book B, p157.]

It isn’t clear whether this is James Munday Sr. or James Munday Jr.  The 1800 tax list is missing, and both men were taxed on two slaves in 1801.

22 September 1801
Marriage Bond: Archibald Gordon & Newton Curd bond for marriage of Archibald Gordon and Elizabeth Munday.   Permission dated 26 September: “you will pleas to issue licens for Archibald Gordon and Betsey Munday to be lawfully joined together and by doing you I much oblige yours etc. (signed) Ruthy Munday (witness) Harrison Munday, Thomas Munday. [Mercer County Loose Marriage Bonds]

Tax List, Franklin County (all with one white poll):
Stephen Munday – no land, 2 blacks(?)
Reuben Munday – 412 acres Ham’s Creek pat. by Sam’l Woods + 1 black + 1 horse
James Munday – 800 acres Washington County, Rolling Fork Salt River + 2 blacks + 5 horses

James Munday Jr. no longer listed in Franklin County.

Tax List, Franklin County (all with one white poll):
Reuben Munday – 412 acres W. Ham’s Creek pat. by Sam’l Woods + 1 black + 1 horse
Stephen Munday – no land, 1 black + 1 horse
James Munday – 800 acres Washington County, Rolling Fork Salt River + 2 blacks + 4 horses

Tax List, Franklin County (all with one white poll):
Reuben Munday – 412 acres W. Ham’s Creek pat. by Sam’l Woods + 1 black + 1 horse
Stephen Munday – no land, + 1 horse
James Munday – 800 acres Washington County, Rolling Fork Salt River + 2 blacks + 5 horses

14 July 1804
Marriage Bond: Robert Slaughter and Gabriel Slaughter bond for marriage of Robert Slaughter to Ruth Munday.   Attached:  Sir, pls to issue a licens otherising a marage to take place between Mr. Robt. Slaughter and my self and oblige yours etc. Ruthey Monday.  [Mercer County Marriage Bonds]

20 August 1804
On the motion of Harry Munday ordered that Phillip White, William Elliott & Wm. Payne & Robert Blackwell or any three of them be appointed commissioners to lay off to the said Monday his proportion of land from Samuel Wood Junior dec’d agreeable to contract and report thereon. [Franklin County Court Order Book C, p156.]

19 August 1805
Road Order:  Road proposed by Phillip White “from John Arnold House mill to the county line.. “Ordered that Stephen Monday, Robt. Blackwell, Charles M_____ & John Watts or any three… do view the way proposed by said P. White from the Harrodsburg road at or near Rawley Stotts to enter the Shelby road at {Pigeon Fork of Big Benson. [Franklin County Court Order Book C, p227, see also p235.]

This confirms the placement of the land — this would lead from near Hammond Creek inn present0day Anderson County to the border of Shelby County.

Tax List, Franklin County (all with one white poll):
Reuben Mondy – 412 acres Ham’s Creek pat. by S. Woods + 1 black + 2 horses
Stephen Mondy – no land, + 1 horse
James Mondy – 800 acres Washington County, Rolling Fork Salt River + 3 blacks + 5 horses

Tax List, Franklin County (all with one white poll):
Reuben Monday – 412 acres W. Ham’s Creek + 1 black + 3 horses
Stephen Monday – no land, + 2 horses
James Monday – no land + 2 blacks + 5 horses

James Monday no longer taxed on Washington County land?  Or is this James Jr.?

22 December 1806
Guardian Accounts:
Harrison Munday: “As guardian appoint by this court for Reuben Munday, I have received nothing and this is my account”,
Scott Brown: “Wherein it was ordered by this court that I should be appointed guardian to & for Sally Munday, Poley (sic) Monday, and Nancy Munday, I have come now before this court and I will make it appear that I never received any property in my hands belonging to said orphans.”
Archibald Gordon: “As guardian appointed by this court for William and James Munday I have received nothing and this is my account.” [Mercer County Will Book C, p204-5.]

Tax List, Franklin County (only Reuben has a white poll):
Salley Munday – no land + 2 blacks + 3 horses
Reuben Munday – 412 acres Hammons Creek + 4 horses

James Monday Sr. apparently died in late 1806 or early 1807. Sally the widow was taxed in 1807.  Also, Stephen Munday was not taxed in Franklin County this year.

Tax List, Franklin County (all with one white poll):
Reuben Munday – 412 acres Hammonds [Creek] + 1 black + 5 horses
Stephen Munday – no land, +1 black + 2 horses

Tax List, Franklin County
Rubin Mondy – 412 acres Hamons Creek – 1 white + 7 horses

9 October 1809
Deed: John Arnold Senior, William McBrayers & Robert Blackwell, commissioners appointed by the county court of Franklin County, to Henry Monday of the county of Mercer, in consideration of £93 paid to Samuel Woods Junior deceased  of Mercer County by the said Henry Monday… situate in the County of Franklin on the waters of Indian Creek, being part of Samuel Woods 3765 acre survey containing 300 acres and bounded as follows, to wit, beginning at Reuben & James Monday’s corner a white oak, walnut & elm nigh a dream on Woods old line & with the same west 160p crossing a larch Branch to a hickory beech & poplar on the side of a ridge, thence north 300p to three beeches on the north side of a ridge, thence east 160p to a [lynn?] & two beech trees on sd. Reuben & James Monday’s line & with the same south 300p to the beginning. [Franklin County Deed Book C, p155.]

Perhaps another bit of confirmation that Henry Munday’s family was related to James Munday Sr.’s family.  

Washington County Tax List: No Munday’s listed

Tax List, Franklin County:
Reuben Munday – 412 acres Hds. Creek, 1 white + 6 horses

This is the Franklin County last tax list I read

1810 Census
Franklin County:
     Reuben Munday  21010 – 10010
Mercer County:
     Stephen Munday  10010 – 20001 – 1
(one name intervenes)
     Henry Munday    31010 – 20010 – 1
Fayette County:
     James Monday   00010 – 51010 – 5

Is the widow Sally living with Stephen Munday?

20 February 1813
Deed: “the heirs of James Munday deceased…”  James Munday & Judy his wife and Elizabeth Robertson of Fayette County, John Samuel & Everielah (Everilla and Averilah elsewhere) his wife, Stephen Munday & Susannah his wife, Henry Samuel of Mercer County, Reuben Munday & Nancy his wife, Lawrence Long & Ketty his wife of Franklin County… being the legal heirs & representatives of James Munday deceased, to John Isaacs of Washington County, for $700 (to wit) $250 in money, $82.50 in horses, $267.50 n whiskey at two shillings per gallon… 940 acres “in Washington County on the rolling fork and bounded as follows (to wit) beginning at a hickory and gum corner to Hawkins and Terrel thence N30W 324p crossing the creek at 208p…” (includes the 800-acre grant of 1788).
Signed: James Munday, Judah Munday of Fayette County
Elizabeth (her mark) Robertson of Fayette County
John Samuel, Averilah (her mark) Samuel of Mercer County
Stephen Munday, Susannah (her mark) Munday of Mercer County
Henry Samuel of Mercer County
Reuben Munday, Nancy Munday of Franklin County
Lawrence (his mark) Long, Kitty Long of Franklin County
[Washington County Deed Book D, pp289.]

This establishes the seven children of James Munday as James, Stephen, and Reuben plus four daughters Elizabeth, Averilah, Kitty, and the deceased wife of Henry Samuel.

This tract is 140 acres larger than the 1788 grant to James Munday, with the added acreage on the northwestern side.  I didn’t see a deed to James Munday — did I miss one?

There do not seem to be any other deeds to or from Munday’s in Washington County, an a quick check of several tax lists shows no Munday’s. Apparently none of them actually lived there.