Background on Elizabeth Braddy


Some records dealing with the family of Elizabeth Braddy, wife of Samuel Hayes (c1715-1796)

26 Oct 1714
Will of Robert Crafford of Lawnes Creek Parish, Surry County, Virginia:   …I give to my daughter Jane Crafford a negro girl called Betty… (except Betty’s first child to) my daughter Martha…  negro girl called Judith to be divided between my two daughters Mary Crafford and Hester Crafford… to my son in law Nicholas Davis and my Daughter Agnis Crafford a negro boy called Sam to be equally divided between them… I give to my son Henry Crafford and my son Robert Crafford a negro boy called Abram tto be equally divided between them… to my Son Carter Crafford a young mare about four years old (but her first foal) to my son William Crafford… to my Daughter Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Newsum five shillings… to my daughter Sarah the wife of John Newsum one cow… to my Son William Crafford one hundred acres of land lying upon the south side Blackwater Swamp Joyning upon the Land I bought of Thomas Waller & two Cows when he is at the age of twenty one years if he lives with his mother, the other hundred acres joyning upon it I give to my Son Robert Crafford.  The land that I bought of Thomas Waller and the plantation I give to my loving wife during her natural life and after her death to my son Arthur Crafford… ”  Slaves to wife and after her death one to his son Arthur Crafford and three others to be sold and the proceeds divided between “my four daughters” Jane, Martha, Mary and Hester.

“The plantation that was John Pickfords and the land I give to my loving wife to lease sell or dispose as she shall think convenient and needfull.   My two young Negros Tom and Robbin to remain and serve my wife as long as she remain a widdow but if she marry then…Tom and Robbin shall be sold (and wife can use the proceeds) as she shall think fit provided it be among her own children now in being…”  Remainder of estate “I give to my loving wife Margarett Crafford and appoint her and my son Arthur Crafford executor and executrix.  Witness: William (x) Peacock, Augustine (x) Berryman, Thomas Waller.  Proved 19 January 1714/15.  [Surry County Deeds & Wills Book 6 (1709-1714), page 226.]

Robert Crafford had first married by 1684 to Elizabeth Carter.  On 2 September 1684 Thomas Lane testified in court that Elizabeth, daughter of George Carter deceased and wife of Robert Crawford, was 21 years of age “either now or in October next.”

Margaret Crafford was his second wife, probably married around 1700 or so.  Note that the will speaks of “her own children” who included (from this and later records) Arthur, Henry, William, Mary, and Martha.  Arthur Crafford was of age by 1723 when he sold his inherited land, thus born by 1702 — perhaps earlier as he was named executor, an office he could not hold until the age of 17.

Some have speculated that Margaret may have been the widow of a Davis, from the reference to son-in-law Nicholas Davis.  However it seems obvious that Nicholas Davis was a son-in-law by virtue of having married Ann Crafford.  Nicholas Davis wrote his will in 1717, witnessed by Carter Crafford, leaving his entire estate to his wife Ann. 

18 April 1716
Court Record: In the action of the case between Nichol. Thompson Plt. and Margtt. Crafford Executx. of the Last Will & Testamt. of Robt. Crafford deceed. deft. for three hundred and ten pounds of Tobo. due by accot., upon settling ye said accot. judgment is granted the Plt. for forty eight pounds of tobacco…  [Surry County Court Order Book 1713-1718, page 79.]

Margaret Crafford was still single as of this date.  She appears in court records several times in her capacity as executrix of her husband’s estate.  This is the last date she was referred to as “Crafford”.

19 March 1717/18
Court Record: In the action of detinue between Elias Braddy & Margaret his wife Plts. & Robert Crafford Deft., neither party appearing it is ordered that the same be dismist.  [Surry County Court Order Book 1713-1718, page 136.]

Margaret has remarried to Elias Braddy sometime between April 1716 and March 1718.

19 Nov 1719
Deed: Ellis (sic) Braddy and wife Margarett Braddy to Samuel Seebrill, for 5 shillings, 20 acres in Lawnes Creek parish, part of a 300-acre patent to Robert Kea of 20 April 1682 who sold it to John Pitford on 3 March 1684 who in turn sold it to Robert Crafford on 17 March 1712. Robert Crafford sold 100 acres to Eustice Grymes and wife Sarah Grymes on 5 Nov 1694 and willed 200 acres to the said Margarett Braddy…  Signed: Ellis (x) Braddy, Margarett (x) Braddy . Witness: James Thompson, John Carr?, Elizabeth (x) Thompson. Recorded 16 December 1719.  [Surry County Deed & Wills Book 7 (1715-1730), page 233.]

16 June 1727
Patent: Ellis (sic) Braddy, 400 acres on south side Meherrin River in Isle of Wight County beginning at a white oak upon the bank of the said river thence SExE 96p to two pine saplings thence S 195p to a gum in a pond then S30W 192p to a pine in a pond then S30W 192p to a pine then S68W 38p to a pine a line tree in the country line then by the country line west 22p to a hickory then N10E 108p to a hickory then N27E 78p to a beech b the side of Meherrin aforesaid then down the several meanders of said river to the beginning.

I’m using shorthand here – N10E means “North ten degrees East” and 192p means “a distance of 192 poles.”  This can be precisely located on maps because it borders both the Meherrin River and the border between Virginia and North Carolina.

2 March 1735/6
Will of Elias Braddy:  “…I bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Braddy one hundred acres of land and plantation that is in Carolina beginning at the River at the old Country line so downeth the old line to the corner tree so along the other line to a pond that runs up to the road so across the road to the river, and two cows and a feather bed & iron pot. I give to my daughter Mary Braddy one feather bed & three cattle two two-year olds and one three years old.  The other hundred acres that is in Carolina I give to my son Elias Braddy and the plantation I now live on and the land joyning to it forever, also I give him a feather bed, a pair of (?) stones and three cows. I give to my loving wife Margaret Braddy a negro man Tom and a feather bed and furniture and the remainder of my household goods, cattles, and all that I have my legacies and debts being paid. I appoint my son Elias Braddy & my son in law Henry Crafford execr & execr…” Signed: Elias (x) Braddy.  Witness: John Joyner, James Joyner. Proved 23 July 1737. [Isle of Wight County Mixed Records (Will Book) Vol. 4, page 173.]

28 Nov 1737
Inventory:  Estate of Elias Braddy… one negro man, 3 beds and furniture, household goods, livestock… total £65:3s:7d taken by John Joyner, James Joyner, Chaplin Williams by court order dated 22 August 1737.  [Isle of Wight County Mixed Records (Will Book) Vol. 4, page 185.]

16 June 1738
Will of Elias Braddy: “I give and bequeath unto my loving mother Margrett Braddy all my lands both in Virginia and North Carolina to her & her heirs forever. I give and bequeath unto my loving mother Margrett Braddy all my moveable estate… I appoint my moving mother Margrett Braddy my whole and sole executrix.  Signed: Elias (x) Braddy. Witness: Sam Taylor, Henry Crafford.  Proved 23 November 1741.  [Isle of Wight County Mixed Records (Will Book) Vol. 4, page 380.]

23 Aug 1742
Inventory:  Elias Braddy… feather bed & furniture, two mare bridle & saddle, iron pot…  Presented by Margaret (x) Braddy

29 July 1750
Will of Margaret Braddy (Brady) of Southampton County, Virginia:  “…I give to my son Arthur Crafford five shillings current money… I give to my daughter Martha Philips (sic) one shilling current money… I give to my daughter Elizabeth Hayes five shillings and one pair of shilliards… I give to my daughter Mary Crafford two cows and a heifer, one feather bed and the furniture belonging to it and two iron pots and all the pewter I have and one frying pan and one small brass kettle & two chests. I also give to my daughter Mary Crafford the use of my plantation whereon I now live and the land belonging to it during her natural life and after her decease to my son Henry Crafford and his heirs forever and fifty acres adjoining to it in Carolina to Henry Crafford…”  Remainder of estate to Henry Crafford, who is appointed executor. Signed Margaret (x) Braddy. Witness: Arthur Pittman, Chaplain Williams Junr. Proved by Arthur Pittman on 8 November 1750.   [Southampton County, Virginia Will Book 1, page 20.]

19 Mar 1771
Will of Henry Crafford: Wife Elizabeth, granddaughter Priscilla Pitman… bulk of estate to be sold and the proceeds distributed “between my four children named as follows, to wit John Crafford, Sarah Edwards, Winnifred Davis, and Martha Bynum.  Nominate John Crafford to be executor.  Signed: Henry Crafford.  Witness: Howell Edmunds, Milly (x) Grizzard.   [Southampton County Will Book 2, page 436.]