Photos: Bob’s Parents and Grandparents

Here are some photos of my parents and grandparents that were not included in their individual pages.  See also the Anthony and Taylor pages for more photos.  I’ll add to this collection as I scan more photos.

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Bob-Allie-Harry Bob with Allie and Harry Baird.  Apparently taken in mid-1945 with the main highway of Omaha in the background.
Harry-Bob Harry Baird wheeling Bob around the back yard of the Anthony house.   At left is the entrance to the dirt-floored basement where Harry repaired small appliances and puttered around.
Jack-Bob-Horse Bob and Jack on South Main St. in Omaha.  The old train station is visible in the background.
jack-1946 Jack Baird in 1946 on the 545-foot steamer John T. Hutchinson, posing with the first radar installation on the Great Lakes.
 Jack Baird as a Texas &M cadet.  He was a cadet Major, but the insignia is not clear in this photo. Jack Baird as a Texas A&M cadet.  He was a cadet Major but the insignia is not clear in this photo.
 Bob-Horse Bob at the side of the Anthony house in Omaha, Texas.  By the time this photo was taken Lou Ella Witt Anthony and her daughter Allie Anthony Baird, both newly widowed, were the only occupants of the house.
 Project26 OK, this is not a photo of my parents or grandparents, but it’s cute.