Alien Naturalizations in England 1509-1700

Foreigners living in England had the option of petitioning to become denizens or for naturalization.

Denizenship conferred a status generally similar to that of “resident aliens” today.   Blackstone called it “a kind of middle state between an alien and a natural-born subject.”  Denizens did not enjoy most of the rights of citizenship, but they were permitted the right to own land (though not the right to inherit land).   Denizenship was conferred by royal letters patent and required an oath of allegiance to the King and payment of a fee that was beyond the means of most alien laborers.

Naturalization was even more expensive.  Acquiring citizenship required an Act of Parliament, an option available only to the relatively wealthy and therefore one used considerably less often.

In the lists below I have omitted persons with names similar to “Hendrick” who were clearly Spanish or French.  A handful of remaining aliens named Hendrick or something similar appear in the lists of denizations and naturalizations.

Foreigners Naturalized in England 1509-1603

Hendricks mentioned in Letters of Denization and Acts of Naturalization for Aliens in England 1509-1603, Publications of the Huguenot Society of London, Volume VIII (1893):

1 Dec 1579         Denization:  John Hendricke, from the dominion of the Bishop of Liege.  (Pat. 21 Eliz., p. 7, m. 27)   From a manuscript in 1585:  ” John Hendricke, shoemaker, born in Auklande, came with his wife to England to get his living. Of the French Church. Dwelling at Blackfriars, London.  A denizen 5 years.” (Cecil MSS, No. 879) [page 122.]

Liege is in modern Belgium.  At that time it was under Spanish sovereignty but ruled by Hapsburg prince-bishops.  Auklande may refer to a village on the southwest coast of Norway.

Foreigners Naturalized in England 1603-1700

Hendricks mentioned in Letters of Denization and Acts of Naturalization for Aliens in England 1603-1700, Publications of the Huguenot Society of London, Volume XVIII (1911):

26 May 1614     Denization: Laurence Henrick, born in the town of Moens in the Duchy of Juliers. {Patent Roll 12 James 1, part 21} [Page 22]

4 Nov 1624        Denization:  Leonard Hendrick, born in the parts beyond the seas. {Patent Roll 22 James 1, part 1} [Page 37]

22 Mar 1625/6   Incomplete Naturalization:  “Leonard Hendrick, born in the parts beyond the seas.” one of twelve names comprising the 1625 naturalization bill that did not become an Act, for reasons unstated. [Page 38]

5 May 1631       Denization: Peter Hendrick {Patent Roll 7 Car. I, part 10} [Page 45]

28 Feb 1655/6    Denization: Nicholas Hendricke, of Bevis Maraks, tailor [Page 67]

23 Jan 1699        Naturalization:  Petition of John Hendrix to be admitted to be naturalized he being a Protestant and having served at sea several years.  Ordered that petitioner be added to the bill…  John Henrix, born at Lisbon in Portugall, son of John Henrix and Anne, his wife. [Page 295]

Same date:  Petition of John Hendrix, mariner. Petitioner is the son of an Englishwoman, is a Protestant, and so educated from his infancy; served an apprenticeship of seven years with an Englishman, a mariner, ever since, being 12 years, sailed in English ships. He is married to an Englishwoman, by whom he has several children, and has always expressed his duty and zeal to the Protestant interest, his Majesty’s Government and the good of the Kingdom of England. Prays to be admitted to be naturalized, and, as he has many children, prays that his fees may be moderated. Signed by Petitioner. Endorsed as read this day. {Petitioner added to the Bill. L. J. XVI,, 499.} [Page 296]