Hendrick Photos

Here are some historical photos of Hendricks that have been passed along by Will Hendricks and others.  In most cases a large photo may be seen by clicking on the thumbnail.

 RBHEndrick-JCHendrick  These are believed to be photos of brothers Richard Brown Hendrick on the left and Joseph Calvert Hendrick on the left.  [provided  by Gary Lester]
 BernardGHendrick Bernard G. Hendrick (1806-1894), his second wife Sarah Higgenbottom and oldest son son Tom (c1843-?) in Fayette County, Tennessee.  [Provided by Lou Perry]
 RTHendrick A photograph of Bernard G. Hendrick’s second son Richard T. Hendrick (1854-1932) with his mother Sarah Higgenbottom Hendrick, and his wife Nancy Harvey Hendrick.  The boy is not identified. [Provided by Lou Perry]
 Wm Hendrick (b 1825) and cousin John S Malone (b 1832) On the left is William Hendrick (1825-1905), taken when he was about 75 in Trigg County, Kentucky.  He was the son of Thomas Hendrick and grandson of William Hendrick of Mecklenburg County, Virginia.On the right is his first cousin once removed, John S. Malone (1832-1889) of Trigg County, the son of Edmund Pendleton Malone and Eliza Hendrick (c1808-1835) a granddaughter of William Hendrick of Mecklenburg. [Provided by Will Hendricks]
 William-Walker1 William Walker (1824-1860) was a grandson of Lipscomb Norvell and Mary Hendrick.  Though trained as a physician and lawyer, Walker was an enthusiastic adventurer who, before the age of thirty, had managed to invade Baja California and proclaim himself President of the “Republic of Lower California”.  Driven from Mexico barely six months later he turned his attention to Central America, where he led a succession of military excursions.  After capturing the capital of Granada in 1855 and obtaining U. S. recognition of the government, he was elected President of Nicaragua in 1856.  Deposed a year later, he refugeed to the U.S. where his attempts to recapture Nicaragua were foiled by the government.  In 1860 he led an expedition to Honduras which ended with his surrender and execution by firing squad. [Photo from Dickinson College files]