Military Ancestors

It’s possible that some member of my family might someday want to join an organization or society that requires descent from a military veteran, I offer up a list of direct ancestors who are known to have served in one war or another.

Revolutionary War

  • Jacob Beard — Militiaman, Shenandoah County, Virginia (Pensioned)
  • William Cook  — Patriotic Service, as a justice in Surry County, North Carolina.
  • William Credille — Veteran according to Georgia 1827 land lottery
  • Thomas Gorham — Patriotic Service, Virginia (supplier to army)
  • Ezekiel Hendrick — Patriotic Service, Virginia (supplier to army)
  • Richardson Rountree — Captain, South Carolina militia
  • Robert Ivey Sr. — Patriotic Service, North Carolina (supplier to army)
  • Solomon Murphree — Private, 5th North Carolina Regt., Continental Line
  • John Nunnally — Sergeant, Virginia Militia & Continental Line
  • James Hulse – Private, Virginia Continental Line
  • Jacob Shingledecker – Ensign, Virginia Militia
  • Moses Stewart – Private, Pennsylvania Militia
  • Andrew Stewart – Private, Pennsylvania Militia

War of 1812 & Indian Wars

  • Isaac Beard/Baird — Private, Kentucky
  • James Bynum — Widow’s pension for his service in Tennessee
  • Solomon Hayes — Served in North Carolina
  • John Munday — Pvt., Ohio militia
  • Seaborn Jones Rountree — Sgt.,  Mississippi Territory militia
  • Presley G. Davenport — Pension for service in Creek Indian War from Georgia
  • Moses Stewart Sr. — Widow’s pension for his service in Ohio
  • John Munday — Private, Adam Berry’s Company, Ohio Militia
  • Jacob Shingledecker — Captain, Ohio Militia

Civil War

Two of my great-great-great-grandfathers were young enough to serve in the C.S.A.    Six of my eight great-great-grandfathers participated in the Civil War.   One (Moses Stewart) was too old to serve and one (George W. Witt) was too young.   Two of them, both Alabamans,  served in the same Union Army company.

  • William Horace Anthony — CSA Chaplain in Tennessee
  • Nicholas A. Anthony — CSA service in Tennessee
  • George Washington Baird — CSA service in Texas
  • Daniel Webster Bynum — CSA service in Texas
  • Andrew Barney Cook — CSA service in Texas
  • James Houston WItt — CSA service in Texas
  • Walker A. Stewart — Union Army (1st Alabama Vidette Cavalry)
  • William F. Taylor — Union Army (1st Alabama Vidette Cavalry)