Orange County Rountree Genealogy

A rough Fammily Group Sheet — based on the records in this file

Charles Rountree & Lydia ______ lived somewhere in, perhaps “in the north of”, Ireland according to Joseph Rountree’s 1867 statement..

Thomas Rountree (1732/3 – 23 March 1805).
According to Joseph Rountree’s 1867 statement, he was born in Ireland, made two trips to Pennsylvania, the first about 1752 and the second perhaps 1760-ish after he married Eva Sturgis, and came to North Carolina after the births of three of his children (perhaps 1770-ish) . He first appears in the records of Orange County, North Carolina in 1776, though he had purchased 130 acres a few years earlier in a now-lost deed.  That land was in the northeastern part of present-day Orange County near the border with Person County.  He qualifies as a D.A.R. patriot on the basis of a 1781 voucher for an unspecified Revolutionary claim.  Both the 1787 state and 1790 federal censuses are lost for Orange County but the 1790 tax list shows Thomas Rountree and two sons, John and Charles, each with a single white poll and Thomas with 130 acres of land.  The 1800 census lists him with two sons and a daughter still at home and two older females.

He wrote his will on 13 September 1803, leaving his land to his son Joseph Rountree “upon condition of him maintaining his mother during my (sic) widow” and divided his personal property among the seven children listed below.  His gravestone gives hise date of death “aged 72 year”.  His wife was not named in the will and appears in no records, but was said by Joseph Rountree to have been Eva Sturgis.

  1. William Rountree (c1760 – 1791?) He was a clerk of the Hillsborough District Board of Auditors in 1784. Later that year he and his father were named executors of the will of John Hall. Though not taxed in 1790, he was apparently still alive in 1790 when he witnessed a deed for lots in the town of Hillsborough. He died unmarried and childless, according to the 1867 document by Joseph Rountree. He may be the Rountree buried in the Little Creek cemetery with a stone implying a death in 1791.I would normally suspect that he was the father of Charles Rountree (c1789-1816) but Joseph Rountree wrote that William was unmarried and childless.
  2. John Rountree (1762 – 1842) He married Jealsy Thompson in 1793, but must have had an earlier wife if Charles Rountree was his son. Later that year he bought 200 acres in Person County on the Flat River and apparently lived there for more than twenty years.  He sold that land in 1817 and moved to Maury County, Tennessee. It seems likely that he was the father of Charles Rountree, who was probably the older male in his 1810 census household. John Rountree sold his land in Person County in 1817 and moved to Maury County, Tennessee. He wrote his will there on 7 December 1841 and his son Charles took inventory in March of 1842.
    1. Charles Rountree (c1789-1816) He bought land in Person County in 1811 and married Mary Anne Bowers there in 1814 but died without issue and in debt in 1816.
    2. Joseph Thompson Rountree
    3. John Rountree
    4. Charles S. Rountree
    5. Thomas Rountree
    6. William Denardeus Rountree
    7. Anna Rountree Shannon
    8. Polly Rountree Miller
    9. Jincy Rountree Miller
    10. Sally Rountree Satterfield
    11. Louisa Rountree Sparkman
    12. Selena Rountree Keton
    13. Orrilla Adaline Rountree Mangum
  3. Charles Rountree (24 September 1769 – 3 January 1816). His birth year is on his gravestone. He was called a blacksmith when he bought land in northern Orange County in 1794.   His will is dated 29 December 1815 just a few days before the death date on his gravestone In the Little River Presbyterian Church cemetery near Caldwell, North Carolina.  The will provided for his wife Nancy but did not name his children. The children were identified in two petitions in 1820 and 1833 relating to inheritance of his brother Thomas’s land.
    1. Sally Rountree
    2. Elizabeth Rountree
    3. David R. Rountree (15 August 1802 – 15 June 1851)  – no issue
    4. Rebecca Rountree
    5. Frances Rountree
    6. Jane Rountree
    7. Harvey Rountree
    8. Mary (Polly) Rountree
  4. Andrew Rountree (1772 – 1841) He married Polly Robertson in 1799. He inherited his father’s 130 acres and appears in the 1816 tax list of Orange County taxed on that land. There is no extant deed of sale, but he also moved to Maury County, Tennessee about 1817. He died there, leaving a will dated 23 June 1841. Reportedly a dozen or more children that I did not pursue.
  5. Thomas Rountree ( ? — 1820).  In 1799 he bought 174 acres between Lick and Byrds Creeks, supplemented with the purchase of an adjacent 194 acres in 1806.  He married Victory Robertson in 1804 but had no children.  He was administrator of the estate of his brother Charles.  He wrote his own will on 28 July 1820, apparently on his deathbed as it did not have the two witnesses required, which resulted in two court cases in 1820 and 1833 to divide his land among his siblings and their heirs. Victory remarried to William Lipscombe and apparently died about 1833.
  6. Joseph Rountree (14 April 1782 – 25 December1874) He married Nancy Nichols (1786-1857) in 1806 in Person County. She was the daughter of Michael Robinson per his will. He moved to Maury County, Tennessee in 1819 then to Greene County, Missouri in 1831 where he was a schillteacher..  A biography in The Encyclopedia of the History of Missouri, Vol. 5 (page 404) does not mention his parents or grandparents, nor do newspaper obituaries.  A modern-era gravestone in the Bowers Chapel Cemetery in Urbans, Dallas County, gives his birth and death dates as above, though he was apparently actually buried in the Rountree Cemetery in Greene County.
    1. Junius Meredth Rountree
    2. Zenus Marion Rountree (1812-1890)
    3. Lucius Amadas Rountree ()1814-1906)
    4. Louisa Amanda Rountree (1816-1886)
    5. Marzavan Jerome Rountree (1820-1900)
    6. Almarinda Caroline Rountree (1828-1872)
    7. Almus Linnaeus Rountree (1828-1891)
    8. Allen Jones Rountree