Stewart Family Records in Pennsylvania

Moses Stewart, son of Andrew Stewart, born.

See entry at 28 July 1790 below. Where he was born is unknown.

The western part of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that became Cumberland County began to be settled by Scotch-Irish immigrants.  [History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania (Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., 1886), pages 8-9.]

This was part of Lancaster County until Cumberland County was created in 1750.

Hopewell Township established. Initially, Pennsborough Township covered the eastern part of what became Cumberland County and Hopewell Township covered the western part. It was much larger then than it is today.

Hopewell Township divided into two townships:  Antrim (now in Franklin County) and Hopewell.

There are no grants to anyone named Andrew Stewart/Stuart/Steward listed in the Pennsylvania Patent Index (A and AA Series) 1684-1781.  There are also no deeds in York County, Lancaster County, or Cumberland County to or from Andrew Stewart/Stuart. (Or Moses Stewart.) Some early settlers were evidently squatters on or purchasers of Indian lands. Others perhaps had settled on land but not yet obtained warrants or surveys. Other than deeds, surveys, and land grants, almost no early records of the area exist.

25 Apr 1747
Will Written: Andrew Stewart of Hopewell Township, Lancaster County (see below)

27 Jan 1750
Cumberland County carved out of Lancaster County. At this time Cumberland County covered all of what is now southwestern Pennsylvania.

Tax List, Hopewell Township, Cumberland County:
Patrick Hannah
[1 name intervenes]
Moses Stuart
[3 names intervene]
Samuel Stuart

Was Andrew Stewart already dead? Living elsewhere? Note that William Anderson, the other witness to Andrew Stewart’s will, was also on this tax list, but Andrew Stewart is not. (This is the earliest surviving tax list.)

“…in or about 1750, the year in which Cumberland County was organized, positive orders were issued to all the agents to sell no more land in either York or Lancaster County to the Irish, and to make very advantageous offers to those of them who would remove from these counties to the North Valley. These offers were so liberal that large numbers accepted, and built their huts among the wigwams of the native inhabitants, whom they found to be peaceful but by no means non-resistant.” [History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania (Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., 1886), page 25.]

25 Apr 1754
Will Proved: “In the name of God Amen, April the 25th 1747, I Andrew Stuart of the Township of Hopewell and County of Lancaster and Province of Pennsylvania being Weak and Sickly of body by (sic) of Perfect mind and Memory do Resign my Body to the dust and my soul to God who Gave it. Item: Likewise I leave to my well beloved Wife the third of all my Moveables out and in (on?) Plantation now belonging to me, likewise of all my Just and Lawful Debts due to me for her use to do with as she thinks fitte. Item: Likewise Leave to son Moses Stuart the Plantation now belonging to me as also the Remaining two parts of all my Goods and Chattels Debts dues and Demands, as also the Price of the Coat Due by his Brother. Item: Likewise I Leave to my son Hugh Stuart five shillings. Likewise Leave to my son Samuel Stuart five shillings. Item: Likewise, I leave to my Daughter Ross [Rose?] Stuart five shillings. Item: Likewise, I leave to my Daughter Elizth Stuart five shillings. This I leave as my last Will and Testament and do therefore disannull all other Wills and Testaments made by me. In witness my hand and seal the day year above written.”
Signed: Andw (x) Stuard, Mary (x) Stuard.  Witness: Patrick Hanna, William Anderson.
Be it remembered that on the 25 day of April letters testamentary (are?) issued in common form to Mary Stuart and Moses Stuart in the above will named. Inventory to be exhibited on or before the 25th day of May next and an account of the administration when thereunto required. Given under my hand and seal of office…  [Cumberland County, PA, Will Book A, pages 27-28.]

The clerk who copied the will into the book inserted “Originally Margaret” under Mary’s mark. Apparently, the original will gave her name as Margaret. (Andrew Stewart and his wife signed by mark, so evidently could not proofread the document.) Andrew Stewart had probably not been dead long, but I note that he was not on the 1751 tax list for Hopewell Township.
Note:  There are no deeds to or from either Moses or Andrew under the surnames Stewart, Steward, Stuart, or Stuard in Lancaster County, Cumberland County, or York County. Nor is there a patent, warrant, or survey recorded for Andrew Stewart. This we have no clear idea of where his plantation was located. Possibly he was a new arrival in the area and had staked out land but not gotten as far as acquiring a warrant or survey. At any rate, Moses Stewart never sold the plantation, if there was one left to inherit, and had left the county a few years later.

Tax List, Hopewell Township: No Stewarts of interest

There is some debate over whether the next surviving list after 1751 is a 1753 list or a 1758 list. Some historians believe no taxes were collected in 1753 or for a few years thereafter because most residents left to avoid the French and Indian War conflict and associated Indian attacks in the area.  Moses, Samuel, and Hugh were not on this tax list.

27 Nov 1758
Will: Undated, Proved 27 November 1758: “ …I Patrick Hanna of Manohaun [read: Monaghan]Township County of York… give and bequeath unto my well beloved son John Hanna seven shillings and sixpence; to my well beloved sons I give and bequeath (ie) Joshua Hanna, Samuel Hanna, Archibald Hanna, the little sorrel horse to Samuel, the three year old colt to Archibald Hanna, the grey mare to Joshua Hanna, the brown cow to Martha Hanna, cow (unreadable) to Samuel Hanna, the white faced cow to Joshua Hanna, the brown cow to Martha Hanna, old stare [star?] to Rosann(sic) Hanna, little star to Joshua Hanna, Samuel Hanna and Archibald Hanna, leave eleven yards wisled to Martha Hanna, six yards wisled to Rosanna Hanna, four yards of wisled to Joshua Hanna, Samuel Hanna and Archibald Hanna my bed & bed cloaths to Martha Hanna, the bed & bed cloaths she sleeps in to Rosanna Hanna, the cloaths remaining to Joshua Hanna, Samuel Hanna & Archibald Hanna the household [pleneson?] to Rosanna Hanna, all the money now due the debts & cost from the whole to my son William Eger one crown to my son Moses Stuart one crown John Hanna & Joshua Hanna executors.
Signed: Patrick Hanna. Witness: John Starr, William Smith
[Cumberland County Will Book A, page 58-59.]

Monaghan Township was, at that time, the northernmost portion of York County and would have bordered Huntington Township of Cumberland County.  Note that the will does not mention any land, and there do not seem to be any grants or deeds to Patrick Hanna.  By “son”, he probably meant “son-in-law”.  A crown was worth five shillings or 60 pence. “Wisted” cloth (the “t” was not crossed) is a mystery. This will has virtually no punctuation. 

Note: The records below are clear evidence that Moses Stewart who married Isabella Lowers was the progenitor of my particular line of Stewarts.  Whether the Moses Stewart in the above records – the son of Andrew Stewart and son-in-law of Patrick Hanna – was the same person, might be debatable. On the grounds that there is no record of another Moses Stewart anywhere in the vicinity, along with his naming his only son Andrew, I believe that they are the same person.

25 Apr 1760
Marriage: Moses Stewart and Isabel Lowers, widow of Andrew Lowers, in Christ Lutheran Church, York County.  [Stewart Clan Magazine, Vol. XIX, No. 9 (March 1942), pages 252-253.]

This appears to be the same man.  Isabel Lowers had three children – sons Robert and Andrew, and a daughter Mary who later married Thomas Wilkins, all of whom were apparently quite young. The question is which wife was the mother of his son Andrew Stewart?  That rests mainly on deciding whether Andrew Stewart was born before or after 1760.  We have no clear clues. We know that Andrew was old enough to serve in the revolution in 1780 and to be taxed in 1783, but that he was still single as late as 1788. It seems plausible that a man with a baby son might marry a widow with her own young children, so I have tentatively assumed that Andrew Stewart’s mother was a Hanna.

12 Dec 1752
Land Warrant:  No. 769 to Hugh Stewart, for 300 acres in Paxtang, Twp., Lancaster County. Grant issued 25 November 1766 for 405 acres. [Recorded in Book AA No. 8, page 99.  Survey in Book C-200, page 203.]

This is not the same Hugh Stewart named in the will. Paxtang Township was later in Dauphin County. The family of this Hugh Stewart was detailed by William Henry Engle in his 1886 book Pennsylvania Genealogies.

29 Apr 1767
Caveat: “Moses Stewart, who married to the widow and relict of Andrew Lewers (sic) dece’d, enters a caveat against the acceptance of a survey on Alexander Wilson No. 1979 for 100 acres in Peters Township in the County of Cumberland, alleging the improvement right of the said land is vested in Ga—– (sic) the improvement right of the said land is vested in Lewers’ heirs.” [Caveat Book 4, in Pennsylvania Archives, Series 3, Vol. II, page 393. Handwritten version online at]

This would fall into Franklin County when it was formed from Cumberland in 1784.

19 Oct 1767
Land Warrant: No. 251 to Moses Stewart “(in trust)” for 50 acres in Peters Twp., Cumberland County. Returned 13 March 1822 and patented by Eva Christina Bohrer. [Recorded in Book H-18, page 587.  Surveys recorded in Book C-213, page 130 and D-21, page 230-241.]

Survey: 106 acres in Montgomery Township, Franklin County formerly Peters Township, Cumberland County, “was formerly surveyed in pursuance of a warrant granted to Moses Stewert (sic) in trust for the heirs of Andrew Lewers (sic)… resurveyed 4 December 1821 for Peter Borha’s heirs. [Pennsylvania Land Office Survey Book C-213, page 130.]

3 Dec 1767
Survey: 110 acres in Peters Township, Franklin County “surveyed for Moses Stuart in trust for the heirs of Andrew Lewers (sic).” [Pennsylvania Land Office Survey Book D-21, page 230.]

The survey plat is marked with Two-Top Mountains to the west, Claylick Hill to the east, barren land to the north and vacant land to the south.

Tax List, Cumberland County:
Moses Stuart – 50 acres
[Indiana Magazine of History, Vol. 32 No.4 (December 1936), page 431 in an article about an unrelated Stewart family.]

Nov 1768
The “New Purchase”:  Much of central and southwestern Pennsylvania was purchased from the Iroquois Six Nations in the first Treaty of Fort Stanwix by Thomas and Richard Penn, sons of William Penn. In southwestern Pennsylvania, the northern line of this purchase (known as the Purchase Line) extended across the center of what is now Indiana County. The Land Office announced that on 3 April 1769  it would accept applications for up to 300 acres from “all Persons inclinable to take up Lands in the New Purchase…”  About 2800 applications were received by that day, were randomly drawn and numbered.

Moses Stewart, his stepson Andrew Lowers and his stepdaughter’s husband Thomas Wilkins all applied for adjoining lands in what is now Indiana County.

3 Apr 1769
Land Application: #2222 by Moses Stuart, 300 acres [approx.] “Betwixt Conemaugh and Blacklick Rivers & adjoining south by the claim of Rich’d Shannon & No. by the claim of Nathan Young.” [Pennsylvania Land Office New Purchase Register, unpaginated.]

3 Apr 1769
Land Application #­­­1189 by Andrew Lowers, 300 acres, “On the south side of Blacklick River and Shedrick Muchnou.”

3 Apr 1769
Land Application #2024: Thomas Wilkins, 300 acres, “on the west side of Conemaugh River joining north on the claim of Moses Stewart.”

20 Mar 1769
Land Warrant: Moses Stuart for 321 acres “situated in the forks of Conemaugh and Blacklick”. Warrant #284, based on Application #2222.  Not actually granted until nearly twenty years later on 20 March 1788. [See Book P-13, page 156.]

This was within the New Purchase of 1768 on the frontier, in the general vicinity of what became Blairsville, Pennsylvania, in the southern part of what is now Indiana County, 40-odd miles east of Pittsburgh. It was actually in Bedford County at the time of the warrant but in Westmoreland County by 1773 and is now in Indiana County.

5 June 1769
Surveys:  321 acres surveyed for Moses Stewart and 156 acres adjoining surveyed for Andrew Lowers.  Andrew Lowers land bordered the south bank of Blacklick Creek, Moses Stewart’s land adjoined Lowers’ land to the south.  Both parcels bordered the west side of the “Indian path leading from Ligonier to Kittanning” and perhaps half a mile of that path ran through Stewart’s oddly shaped tract.  Resurveyed on 20 February 1828. The resurvey contains included the original survey on the following page. [Pennsylvania Land Office Survey Book D-56, page 87 and page 88.]

The “Indian path” was roughly the path of the present Route 422.

Tax List: Armstrong Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania (consecutive names)
Moses Stewart – 100 acres, 10 cleared, 1 horse, 1 cow
Andrew Lowers – 200 acres, 4 cleared, 1 horse, 1 cow
Thos. Wilkins – 100 acres, 2 cleared, 1 horse, 1 cow
[Original Document, University of Pittsburg Digital Collections, Item No. 735066265509.]

The names were actually compiled in 1772 but the tax was collected in early 1773. This is clearly what shortly became Derry Township of Westmoreland County and included what was later Blacklick Township of Indiana County.  Andrew Lowers (his stepson) and Thomas Wilkins (husband of Mary Lowers) were adjacent neighbors to the Moses Stewart land claim.  As was Richard Wallace whose name is also on this list.  The tax lists is repeated twice with names in this order, and a third time with names in alphabetical order. Note that the online abstracts of this tax list reproduce only the last few pages of a 24-page document, which lists the names alphabetically.

7 Jan 1773
Letter of Instruction addressed to “Mr. Moses Stewart, [Tax] Collector of Armstrong Township” of Bedford County [Original Document, University of Pittsburg Digital Collections, Item No. 735066265509, 1773 Bedford County Tax Book, page 13.]

He was collecting taxes for a township that became part of Westmoreland County a few months later.

26 Feb 1773
Westmoreland County established – the “First County West of the Appalachian Mountains”

12 Jun 1773
Land Warrant: No. 313 to Samuel Stuard for 200 acres, Hopewell Twp., Cumberland County. Patented 15 December 1813 by John McKee. [Recorded Book H-9, page 473]

No idea if this is the same Samuel Sewart who was taxed 20-odd years earlier.

“List of Soldiers Who Served as Rangers on the Frontiers 1778-1783”, under the heading “Westmoreland County”:
Moses Stewart…. [Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series, Vol. XXIII, page 283.]
Andrew Stewart… [Ibid., pages 223, 224, 287, 318, 322, 324, 329]

According to page 183 of the volume, this is a list of Revolutionary soldiers copied from a volume of payments made for services “chiefly on the Frontiers as rangers between the years 1778 and 1783.”  In most cases no companies or dates of service are provided. Many of the same names appear more than once, indicating payments for different periods of service. Andrew Stewart appears on page 318 as a member of “Troop of Light Horse Company”, on page 322 as a member of Thomas Moore’s company, and on page 329 as a member of Thomas Mason’s company.  No company is mentioned on pages 223, 224, 287, or 324.

List of Westmoreland County Revolutionary Soldiers:
Andrew Stewart, private…
Moses Stewart, private…
[Pennsylvania Archives, Fifth Series, Vol. IV, page 757. Also page 457]

This repeats the information in the Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series, Vol. XXIII. 

Militia Payroll: Andrew Stewart served from 11 October 1780 through 15 December 1780 in a 1780 “Accounts of the Company commanded by Capt’n Jeremiah Lochrey stationed in Westmoreland County for Defense of the Frontiers” [Pennsylvania Archives, Sixth Series, Vol. II (Harrisburg, 1906), page 331.]

I suppose this makes him a DAR Patriot.  Note that Jeremiah Lockrey was taxed in Derry Township in 1783 and 1786.

8 Aug 1781     Will of Andrew Lowers of Montgomery Township, Cumberland County, PA:  …I will and devise unto my mother Isebel (sic) Stewart the full benefit, privilege and possession of my plantation situated in Derry Township, Westmoreland County during her life & then to become the property of Andrew Lowers, my brother Robert’s son… unto my mother Iseble (sic) Stewart my bay mare and one heifer and wheat and rye in stacks at Samuel Davis’s and what household planeshen is now in her possession and thirty pounds in cash… Probated 11 June 1782.  [Cumberland County Will Book D, page 9. Repeated on page 121 in another copy of the Will Book.]

He was childless. Andrew Lowers was Captain of a militia company in Westmoreland County during the Revolutionary War.

Land Census, Derry Township, Westmoreland County:
Robert Lowers – 150 acres, no livestock
Andr. Steward – 150 acres, 2 horses, 1 cow
Thomas Wilkey (sic) – 200 acres, no livestock
[Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series, Vol. XXII, page 396 and 397.  Also see Pennsylvania, U.S., Tax and Exoneration, 1768-1801, database at]

Armstrong Township, Westmoreland County
And’w Stewart – 1 tract
Robert Lowers – 1 tract
Wm. Steward – 2 tracts
[See also, Pennsylvania, U.S., Tax and Exoneration, 1768-1801.]

Unfortunately, this is just a list of land owners with no further information. Moses Stewart was not mentioned. Was Moses Stewart incapacitated in some way?  He is not taxed in the 1780s, Andrew Lowers’ will left essentially his entire estate to his mother.

Tax List: Hopewell Township, Bedford (sic) County
Andrew Stuart – 1 dwelling, 1 white
[Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series, Vol. XXII, page 303.]

Evidently a different person.

11 Mar 1786
Grant Application:  No. 221 by Andrew Stewart for 300 acres in Westmoreland County “including an improvement on the north side of Conemaugh River adjoining Thoms Run on the east, Moses Stewart on the north and Thomas Wilkys (sic) surveyed line and a white oak sick (sic).” On the original handwritten application is the note by two county justices that they “certify from information that the above deferred tract of land was improved in the year 1772.” [Warrants Volume H-31, page 392.}

See 16 June 1789 for survey.  Application returned 13 March 1833 for 168.5 acres in the name of William Laughry.

State Tax List, Derry Township, Westmoreland County:
Ja’s. Steward – 100 acres unimproved (held by location), 2 horses, 2 cows
Listed separately as “Single Men”:
And’w Steward – 400 acres improved land, 2 horses, 1 cow
Charles Steward – no land, no livestock
[Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series, Vol. XXII, page 527pp, and also, Pennsylvania, U.S., Tax and Exoneration, 1768-1801, image 87.]

Robert Lowers is also listed in Derry Township with 200 acres. James Cannon listed as “Carron”.

Census, Derry Township, Westmoreland County
Robt. Lowers – 200 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows
James Steward – 100 acres, 1 horse, 1 cow
Listed under Single Men:
Andw. Steward – 400 acres, 2 horses, 1 cow
Charles Steward – no land, no livestock
[Pennsylvania, U.S., Tax and Exoneration, 1768-1801, database at]

20 Apr 1787
Will of Robert Lowers, proved 31 May 1787:   “…unto my well beloved wife Agnes Lowers her bed & bedding, her mare & saddle, one cow called Starry, the rest of my moveable property to be put to sale…” One third of proceeds to wife, the other two-thirds distributed ass three pounds to “eldest son Andrew Lowers” and the rest to “my three daughters Mary, Jean, and Isabel Lowers”. Half the land that I live on to son Moses Lowers, rest was “my brother Andrew Lowers half of tract whereon I now live which he willed to my son Andrew.”  Wife to have use of the land “to raise the children and school them” until the reach maturity. If Moses Lowers dies before the age of 21 his share to be distributed equally among “the girls” and Andrew Lowers.  Wife and Col. John Pumroy executors.
Signed: Robert Lowers.  Witness: Charles Campbell, John Wilkins, Thomas Wilkins. Proved 31 May 1787. [Westmoreland County Will Book 1, page 191.]

Notice that he did not mention his mother, who may have been deceased.

20 Nov 1786
Land Application, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
Jacob Shingletaker, 100 acres both sides of Jones;s Run…including the improvement in & from March 1777…
[Pennsylvania, U.S., Land Warrants and Applications, database at]

Andrew Stewart married a daughter of Jacob Shingletaker (Shingledeecker).  But as of late 1786 that family was not yet in Westmoreland County.

11 Dec 1786
Deed: Wm. McKelvey of Mt. Pleasant Township, Westmoreland County, to Andrew Stuart of Derry Township, for £75, 100 acres in Ligonier Valley bounded by land of James McCurdy on the south, the widow Brown & Charles Griffith on the east, & James Porter & Joseph Porter on the west, being land sold to McKelvey by Hugh Porter and his wife Jean Porter… Signed: Wm. McKelvey. Witness: John Gallagher, Ja’s. Simmons.  [Westmoreland County, PA, Deed Book B, page 203.]

The name appears twice later in this deed as “Andrew Stewart”. The land was somewhere at the southern part of Derry Township.  It isn’t clear whether this land was ever sold, as there are no deeds from (this particular) Andrew Stewart recorded in Westmoreland County.

Tax List: Derry Township, Westmoreland County
Andrew Stewart – 300 acres (150 improved), 2 horses, 2 cows
John Stewart – no land, 1 horse
Charles Stewart – no land, 1 horse

Andrew Stewart is separately listed with 100 acres and a miniscule tax in Fairfield Township on image 17 and 20, perhaps the land purchased the year before.

Tax List: Derry Township, Westmoreland County
Single Freemen: Andrw. StewartCharles Stuart
[Pennsylvania, U.S., Tax and Exoneration, 1768-1801, database at, image 87.]

Andrew Steward(sic) is again separately listed with 100 acres in Fairfield township , perhaps the land purchased in 1786. Robert Lowers’ widow Nancy(sic) Lowers is listed in Derry Township this year.

Through 1788 no Shingledeckers (under any imaginative spelling) have appeared in Westmoreland County. Jacob Shingletaker has been taxed in Bedford County through 1788.

16 Jun 1789
Survey:  For Andrew Stewart, 310 acres in Westmoreland County, per warrant of 11 March 1786.  Survey shows part of the land was surveyed the preceding day for Thomas Wilkins.  The plot borders Moses Stewart, Thomas Wilkins, John Wilkins, and vacant land. [Survey Book Vol. H-31, page 392.]

The land was never granted to Andrew Stewart.  Rather, 168.5 acres of this plot were re-surveyed and granted to William Laughrey in 1833. Part of the original 310 acres overlapped a survey and eventual grant to Thomas Wilkins, the remainder was eventually surveyed for Laughrey.

28 Jul 1790
Death of Moses Stewart:  Gravestone in Old Salem Church Cemetery, Derry, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. [Elizabeth Machesney, “Tombstone Inscriptions, Old Salem Cemetery, Derry Township, Westmoreland Co., Pa.”, National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. IX, No. 2 (July 1920), page 32.  A photograph taken in 1973 appears on Find-A-Grave for that cemetery.]

Moses Stuart Born 1722 Died July 28, 1790”

The church was founded in Blairsville in 1786 and was apparently the only Presbyterian church in the area at the time.  

Federal Census: Derry Township, Westmoreland County
Jacob Singlemaker 2 – 4 – 5 – 0 – 0

Andrew Stewart does not appear in the census and is probably the second male over 16.  He probably married Abigail Shingledecker in or about 1790.  He had still been taxed as a single man as late as 1788, and his wife’s father didn’t move to Westmoreland County until late 1789 or early 1790.

9 May 1796     Power of Attorney:  James Wallace of Harrison County, Kentucky to “my trusty friend” Andrew Stewartof Westmoreland County… to recover from Thomas Wilkins “a certain tract of land lying in the forks of Black lick Creek & Cannimah (sic)” in the possession of Wilkins… also “other business concerning me in and about the estate of Richard Wallace dec’d… as a legatee of the aforesaid decedent.”  [Westmoreland County, PA Deed Book 2, page 412.]

Although there were two Andrew Stewarts in Westmoreland County, this is clearly our man – Richard Wallace’s survey adjoined that of Moses Stewart and Thomas Wilkins was married to Mary Lowers, Andrew Stewart’s stepsister.

1 Oct 1798
Land Tax List: Derry Township, Westmoreland County
Lawrence Hanson – 1 dwelling an “old barn” and 250 acres (owned by Andrew Stewart)
Abner McMahan – 1 dwelling and 350 acres (owned by Andrew Stewart)
[Pennsylvania, U.S., U.S. Direct Tax Lists, 1798, database at]

Andrew Stewart is not listed as an “occupant” of any real estate. Was he living with the Shingledeckers? Or was he already off in Ohio?

Land Tax List: South Huntingdon Township, Westmoreland County
Several Stewarts, incl. the other Andrew Stewart – 1 saw mill, 1 grist mill, 1 dwelling house

[Pennsylvania, U.S., U.S. Direct Tax Lists, 1798, database at]

The two Andrew Stewarts lived quite far apart.  Derry Township extended across the Conemaugh River and encompassed most of what was later Black Lick Township of Indiana County.South Huntingdon was on the other side of the county.

Census: Derry Township, Westmoreland County
Andw. Stewart 50101 – 10010
Andw. Lowers 00100—10100
James Cannon 00010—10100
James Cannon 00010—00100 (was he counted twice?)

Census: Armstrong Township, Westmoreland County
Elisha Chambers 11010–01000

6 Feb 1800
Will: John Wilkin or Wilkens of Derry Township, dated February 6, 1800, proved February 19, 1800; Brother Thomas Wilken and his children; Andrew and Mary Douthet (and her son John Wilken Douthet), Martha Thornburgh, Thomas, Elizabeth, Ruth and Isabell, to have land in Cumberland and Franklin Counties; brother James Wilken and his son John; James Caldwell mentioned; Negro Jean Smith and her children; Samuel Douglass and Nathan Douthet
Witnesses, Joseph Williamson, John Morton and Andrew Lowers.
[Westmoreland County Will Book 1, page 55.]

11 Dec 1801
Deed: Andrew Lowers to Andrew Stuart, both of Derry Township, Westmoreland County, for $200, 156.5 acres… a certain tract of land joining Blacklick Creek, surveyed for Andrew Lowers deceased, uncle to said Andrew Lowers.  Signed: Andrew Lowers.  Witness: Sam’l Dickson, Andrew Dickson
[Westmoreland County, PA Deed Book 6, page 170.]

This is the land that Andrew Lowers Jr. surveyed thirty-odd years earlier.
This land was in Indiana County (formed in1803)

20 Jun 1802
Administration Bond: Estate of John Donohee, administration to Peter Wallace and Andrew Stewart. [Westmoreland County Will Book 1, page 66.]

Andrew Stewart is still in Pennsylvania in mid-1802 but died in Ohio three years later.

18 Sep 1805
Administrator’s Bond:  Jacob Shingledecker and John Shingledecker, both of Greene County, Ohio and Abigail Stuart of Champaign County, Ohio make $8,000 bond as administrators of estate of Andrew Stuart deceased.  [Champaign County, Ohio, Final Record Administrators Bonds Vol. 1, page 11.]

There are no surviving records of the estate in either Champaign or adjacent Greene County.  See below for records in Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

Census: Ohio is missing
Census: Indiana County, Pennsylvania
Elisha Chambers 10011–10001 Still there in 1820, not same person
Ann Cannon (Center Township) 000000 – 21010

15 Mar 1815
Deed: John Stewart, administrator of estate of Charles Stewart, yeoman, deceased, late of Indiana County who died intestate, to Stewart Davise (Davis?)… Charles Stewart owned a tract of 208a in Wheatfield Township… On 16 June 1814 John Stewart petitioned the court that Charles Stewart’s assets were insufficient to pay his debts, requested and received authorization to sell the land, sold it at auction on 15 December 1814 to Stewart Davise for $336.50. Now transfers title to Stewart Davise. [Indiana County Deed Book 3, page 57.]

This seems to confirm that Charles Stewart was unrelated to Andrew Stewart.

3 Nov 1817
Power of Attorney:  Jacob Shingledecker, administrator of the estate of Andrew Stewart, late of Champaign County, Ohio deceased… appoints Moses Stewart and Andrew Stewart of Green(e) County, Ohio… to recover from George Armstrong and John Shaver of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania… anything “belonging or coming to the estate of said Andrew Stewart dec’d…” [Indiana County, PA, Deed Book 3, page 188.]

Twelve years have elapsed – why wait this long? Both Moses and Andrew are now of age. 

18 Feb 1818
Deed: Moses Stewart and Teresa his wife and Andrew Stewart and Lavinia his wife, which said Moses and Andrew are two of the children and heirs at law of Andrew Stewart, formerly of Blacklick Township, now Indiana County, deceased, to George Mulhollum Junr., for $2,000, “two undivided eighth parts of two adjoining tracts of land situate in Black Lick Township, Indiana County, late the estate of Andrew Stewart dec’d, and adjoining lands of John Lintner, Joseph & Abraham Weis, heirs of Aaron Weis dec’d, heirs of James Caldwell, and others containing in the whole 561 acres.”  Signed: Moses Stewart, Teresa (x) Stewart, Andrew Stewart, Lavinia (x) Stewart.  Witness: Edward Howard, Hugh Wiley, John Thompson. [Indiana County, PA, Deed Book 3, page 205.]

Evidently there were 8 heirs of Andrew Stewart.  I could not find a deed by any other heirs to George Mulhollan.  The land is the old 361-acre grant to Moses Stewart and the 156-acre (sic) tract bought from Andrew Lower.

Blacklick Township is on the other side of the Conemaugh River from Westmoreland County, was formerly a part of Derry Township.

23 Feb 1820
Elisha Chambers and Abigail his wife of Beaver Creek Township, Greene County, Ohio, in her right, to George Mulhollan Junr., for $135, “all the right which Abegal (sic) hath to dower —- of and in six hundred acres of land (be the same more or less) whereof her late husband Andrew Stewart late of the state of Ohio died seized said land situate in the Township of Blacklick, county of Indiana…” Signed: Elisha Chambers, Abigail (x) Chambers.  Witness: Joseph Hameill, George Evans.  [Indiana County, PA, Deed Book 4, page 359.  Also recorded in Greene County, Ohio, Deed Book 7, page 418.]

I did not see any other deeds to or from Elisha Chambers in Greene County. This is the only deed in Indiana County. (There was another person in Indiana County named Elisha Chambers.)

Census: Indiana County, Pennsylvania — Centre Township
Ann Cannon 000000-10110-0
Census: Greene County, Ohio — Beaver Creek Township (consecutive names)
Elisha Chambers 011301-21001-0
Andrew Stewart 100010-10100-0
Moses Stewart 000010-20100-0

Elisha Chambers’ household evidently includes as many as five sons and three daughters of Andrew Stewart. How many children belonged to Chambers are unknown.

30 Dec 1824
Deed: Archibald Stewart & Elizabeth his wife, of Franklin County, Indiana to Isaac Stewart of Greene County, Ohio, for $100, “…all that portion of land left to the said Archibald Stewart by the death of his father Andrew Stewart dec’d of Blacklick Township, Indiana County, State of Pennsylvania, which land lies situate between Blacklick and Connemaugh Rivers in the township of Blacklick, which land is now in the possession of John Linton, Jacob Burgow and is joining Charles Campbell and James Caldwell…” Signed: Archibald (x) Stewart, Elizabeth (x) Stewart. Witness: Wm. Lambert, Benj. (x) Denunt.  Signed before a judge in Greene County, Ohio on 30 December 1824, recorded 16 April 1825. [Indiana County, PA, Deed Book 5, page 581.]

19 Mar 1825
Deed: Isaac Stewart of Greene County, Ohio to John Namrick (sic) of the same, for $500, sells “all that portion of land left to the said Isaac Stewart and Archibald Stewart by the death of their father Andrew Stewart dec’d of Blacklikck township, Indiana County and State of Pennsylvania which land lies situate between Blacklick and Connemaugh Rivers in the township of Blacklick,… (repeats description as in 30 December 1824 deed).  Signed: Isaac (x) Stewart.  Witness: Robert Mercer, Wm. Lambert. Signed before a judge in Greene County, Ohio on 19 March 1825. [Indiana County, PA, Deed Book 5, page 582.]

20 Dec 1826
Deed: John Neimerick (sic) of Greene County, Ohio to Daniel Smith of Indiana County, Pennsylvania, for $700, “…a certain equal undivided fourth part of all that certain tract of land… late the property of Andrew Stewart dec’d and by Jacob Stewart and Abijah Stewart sons and heirs of the (sic) Andrew Stewart dec’d conveyed to the said John Neimerick by their deeds the 17th of October 1826 and 23rd of September 1826…”. [Indiana County Deed Book 6, page 461.]

This identifies two more sons of Andrew Stewart.  I could not find the referenced deeds in either Greene County, Ohio or in Indiana County, Pennsylvania so I have no idea where these two sons of Andrew Stewart were living. Therefore, I have no idea what happened to them. There is record of an Abijah Stewart, but he is much too young to have been. Born in the 1790s.

I also noted a deed in Greene County, Ohio in 1825 from John Nimerick to an Isaac Stewart. I have no idea if he was related to the other Stewarts.

10 Mar 1827   Bill of Sale: Moses Stewart and Andrew Stewart of Greene County, Ohio to John Nimerick and Isaac Wilson, for $500, transfer and assign “all that sum of money due to us from George Mulhollan the principal and Andrew Browe his security of the county of Indiana”. Signed: Moses Steward (sic), Andrew Steward (sic). Witness: Joseph Hamill, Henry G. Beatty. Signed before a judge in Greene County, Ohio.  [Indiana County, PA, Deed Book 6, page 475.]

1 Oct 1827
Deed:  Thomas Howard and Margaret [signed her name as “Margaretta C.”] his wife and Prosper K. Howard and Cecilia his wife, to Daniel Smith and George Mulhollan Jr.,  a quitclaim …whereas the parties hold …title to certain lands in Blacklick Township of Indiana Count surveyed in the names of Moses Stewart and Andrew Stewart amounting to about 520 acres consisting of two tracts… is now legally vested according to the extent of their respective interests in Daniel Smith, George Mulhollan Jr., Thomas Howard & Prosper K. Howard , all of Indiana County, Pennsylvania… Thomas Howard and Prosper K. Howard release their interest in said land…   Cecelia and Margaretta “both of age” examined separately and assented…  [Indiana County Deed Book 6, page 459-460.]

I note that there are no other deeds recorded in Indiana County either to or from Thomas Howard or Prosper K. Howard, so their interests in the land must have been inherited.  Thus I speculate that Cecilia and Margaretta were daughters of Andrew Stewart and Abigail Shingledecker.

This would account for six of the eight shares in the land.  I have not yet determined the laws at the time for Pennsylvania, (or Ohio) but the widow must have owned at least one share.  I wonder if George Mulhollan Jr. might have married a Stewart and thus owned he final share?  George Mulhollan Jr.’s wife was named Elizabeth when she relinquished dower in land he sold.

10 Jan 1829
Deed: Daniel Smith and George Mulholllan Jr. agree to partition a parcel of land that they hold as joint tenants between Connemaugh River and Blacklick Creek. []