The Pamunkey Hendrick Family

“Pamunkey Hendrick” refers to descendants of Hance Hendrick, an early immigrant to Virginia who settled in the Pamunkey Neck of King William County in the late 1690s.  He was the progenitor of a vast and often confusing array of descendants who comprised virtually all persons named Hendrick in colonial Virginia.  By the early 1800s, his numerous descendants had spread into Georgia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama, and Mississippi.

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Descendants of Hance Hendrick to Five Generations

This is presented as separate files.  One chapter is devoted to Hance Hendrick, and one chapter to each of his four sons.

The Pamunkey Hendrick Chronicles 1690-1800

The “Chronicles” are a chronologically-arranged compilation of the records on which the above genealogy is based.   Sources are cited, and most records are annotated with helpful explanatory comments.

Hendrick DNA Project

Correcting Some Faulty Legends

Miscellaneous Hendrick Records and Articles

A Few English Records